pissed off a friend of a friend tonight with feminism, and after i realized he was a conservative, i basically spent the rest of the evening talking about my political leanings and sexuality whenever i could to make him as uncomfortable as possible. possibly not the maturest response, but 100% satisfying,

Anonymous asked:
is league for nerds or is it pretty cool because I was tryna hit up this guy and he was like "playing league rn" and I hesitated because I'm shallow and hypocritical


he’s a nerd



this is your daily reminder to not forget about ferguson. Keep it going!

this is your daily reminder that people in ferguson may suffer from racism or something but people in iran suffer every day because their family member die and they dont have…

wow yeah here’s a daily reminder for you.
daily reminder that whenever someone brings up racism, there will ALWAYS be someone who feels the need to change the subject to something completely unrelated. ALWAYS.

tits-andtea asked:
Assuming all white people are racist, is in fact, racist. And I do not care how you personally define, or what you accept as the definition of racism. Black people judge ME as a white person, by simply ASSUMING i'm racist BECAUSE i'm white. That is just as prejudice. My aunt has four half-black children, and they are beautiful. Race is the last thing on my mind. It is people like you who look for situations to be hateful. Your personality is what's ugly.


shut the fuck up ain’t shit ugly but my right hook

if race is the last thing on your mind then you wouldn’t be mentioning your half black relatives lmao


White people: stupid statement, we all bleed red, one RANDOM capitalized word for some reason, “stop being racist”, another WORD in all caps, not all white people


if I see that “i banged a dude for looking up the word feminist” post one 👏more👏 gah👏damn👏 time 👏👏👏

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